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Order and Delivery Terms

On this page you can find information about the delivery process of orders you have given from, the follow up of the orders given, the shipping charge and other order information.

What is the shipping fee?

Cargo shipments are sent to DHL Cargo company all over the world. In case there is no free shipping phrase the shipping fee is the price stated in the product details and on the order confirmation page.

When and how will the order be delivered?

If your order is not listed and not included in a campaign, your order will arrive as soon as possible. is prepared with an infrastructure that will send your products to you in the fastest way. You can find detailed information about campaigns and stock status in the product descriptions section.

How can I follow the order?

After you have logged in your account at to track the product you have ordered, you can log in to the My orders section in the My Account section and select the order you want to track. You can make an inquiry via DHL with your order number or you can inquire from

Your order is preparing phrase means that your order is placed by us and is in the preparation stage.

Your product was shippedmeans that the packaging of the product has been made and delivered to the cargo company. You can click on your cargo tracking number and see where the cargo company is.

Your order has been canceled or your credit card will be refunded; we will cancel your order on your request and your credit card will be refunded.

What if I can not be at the delivery address?

Contracted cargo companies will leave a "Visit Note" in case you are not available at the address during delivery. In this case, your order will be re-addressed one last time. When you receive an undeliverable note, you can call the cargo company and inform the cargo authorities about the time they will come back and you can ensure that your product arrives at the right time. Otherwise they will be returned to if they can not find someone to deliver when they arrive for the 2nd time.

All orders placed at are delivered by way of delivery and invoicing as required by law.

What should I pay attention to when I receive the product?

When delivering the product to you or to the person you specify, the identity document, passport, driver's license and so on. will require an official document. For this reason, your identity card, passport, driver's license, etc., document needs to be present.

Open the package that you received the product next to the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any mistake, deficiency, breakage or wetting in the box, please contact us immediately and do not accept the package by filling in the cargo delivery note. Your new products will be sent immediately.

If you do not check the cargo, you may be in a difficult situation because the cargo company will not be liable for any incomplete or incomplete breakage that may occur inside the box. Please make sure that your cargo packages are delivered to you firmly.

What should I do if some of the items are missing?

If if some of the items are missingare missing, you can send an e-mail to our contact address stating your order number. You can send an email to, our customer service representative. This will be answered as soon as possible.

Important information about delivery

• Once you have received your cargo, you can open it with your cargo officer and check it. If you find that some items in your order are missing and / or damaged; request the cargo officer to prepare the record. Do not take the items back and return them. In such cases the records are very important. It is very important to keep a record so that it can be determined that a damage or lack of the product is caused by the cargo company. As a result, your new products will be sent immediately. Thanks to the record, the relevant company authorities will be able to take the cost of the damage required from the cargo company's insurance.

• In the testimony of the cargo officer, the minutes prepared at the first delivery are incomplete and it is very important to reveal the responsibility of the damage. Any missing and / or damaged notice made after hours of receipt of the cargos may be rejected due to lack of minutes or due to not being prepared at the time of first delivery.

• If you experience any problems with shipping, please inform us as soon as possible.

• You can return the products / products in your order for any reason; the product must be kept in its original packaging and returned with all accessories and packaging materials in complete, physical damage.

• In return, all copies of the invoice (2 copies) must be shipped with the product.


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