Membership Agreement

About Membership

To become a member of our store, you need to register by clicking the register button. Completing your member information correctly and completely is very important in terms of the possibility of communication and transportation problems. For quick and easy access to our products and services, please fill out carefully.


Becoming a member is quite simple and fast. Being a member does not mean that you are under any obligation. Read the Sales Agreement carefully before shopping. You have the right to end your membership anytime you want.



Cancellation of Membership


The member has the right to terminate his / her time membership. After you terminate your subscription, all relationship with will be terminated.


To terminate your membership, you must submit your request from our contact information page once you have logged in.


Membership can not be canceled in the following situations


 1 - If the it has not passed 60 days over the last order.

 2 - If a membership cancellation request has been made with a different e-mail address.

 3 - If registered information is not available to the member.


Membership Canceled in the Following Situations


 1 - Member is making unprofessional comments

 2 - If the member is involved in a fraud attempt

 3 - If you are attempting to cause deliberate harm to the name of



Member Information Security:


All measures have been taken in our store for the security of the member. Do not share the information you use to log into your store, do not login to the system from computers that you are not sure is safe. Remember that you are primarily responsible for the security of your member information.



Product Comments:


Every member can comment on the products. As you share your knowledge and experience with other users, shopping will be more enjoyable and conscious. Customer reviews will be unbiased and experiential, creating a more informed shopping environment.


Things to watch out for when writing a product comment: Take care to write respectful comments with other users, in the frame of general ethics. After reviewing the comments, inappropriate comments can be deleted from the system.

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