About Us

Tragstore was founded in London in May 2017.

TragStore is a new, wonderful company aiming to bring excellent accessories and gifts to your lives. We are really excited and we would like to share our excitement with youth rought his letter. Looking forward to reach a good spot, we are filled with passion for the industry of accessories.

Life becomes beter when you share and buy gifts foreachother. When ever you need a gift for yourself or your love dones, you can visit us. The perfect gift ideas will be waiting for you. Our accessories are created according to the best and most popular trends. On holidays, birthdays and specialdays, you will find happiness and joy with our excellent gift choices. Each time you check our products, a shiny and trendy bracelet, a great pair of earringsor a fashionable necklace that will suit your taste will be therefor you.

TragStore is working to create accessories with different and interesting kind of designs. When your best friend, significant other or family member receives a gift from you, they would want to feel special and with our unique designs, you can make them feel that way. We truly love what we do and we hope that you feel our passion through our accessories. Our biggest mission is to sell products that you create a deepbond with.

We know that accessories are important on your way of creating your look. Just choose what you like, buy it, wear it and go out. We can guarantee that you won’t be seeing anything ordinary in our catalogue. When you wear TragStore products, all eyes will be on you automatically. All of our products are create desing high quality material. You can use them for a long time. Even long after you buy them, no major deformation can be seen.

We are just getting started but we are an experienced teamfull of excitement. We would always like to stay in touch and give you information about our new products. Also you can feel free to reach us for any questions.

Best Wishes.

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